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Your Financial Support

It Makes a Big Difference

Donations made to the EEA fund expenditures and investments that make the Evanston Ecology Center a special environmental education facility for Evanston and the surrounding communities. Below is a list of some of the key purchases that donations have helped make possible.   

In 2019, EEA funding went primarily towards one significant need of the Ecology Center:

  • The EEA donated $20,000 for a new durable floor made of an eco-friendly composite that was laid throughout most of the Ecology Center.
  • This floor should last for a long time and reduce maintenance costs at the Center over its lifetime.

In 2017 and 2018, the EEA provided funding for a variety of Ecology Center needs including:

  • Apiary supplies including bee suits for staff and visitors, and materials to build a shed
  • Canoeing equipement and supplies
  • Signage
  • A Living Wall in the classroom
  • Classroom supplies
  • Education for key personnel
  • And other Ecology Center needs

In January of 2016:

  • The Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) made a $43,000 donation to the City of Evanston, that when combined with dollars allocated by the City, allowed for the classroom at the Evanston Ecology Center to be renovated and enlarged. 
  • The new Elizabeth A. Patterson classroom was dedicated on March 19, 2016.

In 2015, the EEA provided the funds for:

  • New habitats for the numerous animals that make their home at the Ecology Center
  • New tables and chairs constructed with re-purposed wood for the improved classroom
  • Additional classroom displays that will make the classroom an even more engaging space for environmental learning for children and adults alike
  • A new Ecology Center summer camp scholarship program to help finance camp in the future for families needing financial assistance.

In 2014, the EEA provided and allocated future funds for the following:

  • A renovation of the 8' x 16' Tiny House that was located on-site at the Ecology Center
  • A donation to a reserve fund for future capital projects at the Ecology Center
  • Snowshoes and snowshoe poles for winter outings
  • Canoe paddles
  • Outdoor canoe equipment storage
  • Personal flotation devices for canoe trips
  • Animal Habitat Improvements

The funding of the items above is supported by EEA memberships, gifts, donations, and event attendance by supporters of the EEA.  We thank all of you who have been so generous in recent years for your contributions that have made such a big difference to the EEA and consequently to the Evanston Ecology Center.

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