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Donation Benefits

Why donate to the EEA?

The Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) works tirelessly to support the Evanston Ecology Center and its environmental educational offerings.  Not only does the EEA put in many hours of volunteer time to support the Ecology Center's programs, but also works hard to ensure that this unique environmental facility not only survives but flourishes in a time of tight municipal budgets.

The Ecology Center is a unique and precious community resource.  Very few cities in the U.S. have a comparable facility that provides a local home to green educational offerings and environmental volunteerism.

Donations to the EEA go to support the Evanston Ecology Center's ongoing programming and operations. Click HERE to read about what our donors support has helped us accomplish in recent years.

Donation Benefits

  • Helps ensure that the Ecology Center continues to be a thriving and unique Evanston resource that is a community focal point of environmental education and volunteerism
  • Supports the education of local residents on how to lessen their carbon footprint and thus make Evanston and the world healthier places to live
  • Helps the Ecology Center expose children to green ideas and concepts that will develop their appreciation and respect for the environment
  • Supports the care of the animals that live at the Center and provide lots of enjoyment for children who visit the Center
  • Your donation is deductible
  • Makes a real difference to the quality of life in the Evanston community!

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