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EEA Seeking Treasurer

The EEA is Currently Seeking Candidates for its volunteer Treasurer position

You are passionate about the environment. You want to make a difference in Evanston. You have time and talent to lend to a non-profit organization. Sound like you? Then consider joining the Board of Directors of the Evanston Environmental Association.

The Evanston Environmental Association is an all-volunteer organization; we have no staff. Consequently, the EEA Board of Directors is a working board, and every member voluntarily takes on specific responsibilities to ensure the organization thrives. 

The Evanston Environmental Association board of directors is currently seeking a qualified candidate to fill its Treasurer position. The Treasurer, like all the EEA board member positions, is a volunteer position. 

General responsibilities

  • Is generally responsible for the financial aspects of the EEA organization
  • Picks up mail weekly or biweekly from the Ecology Center 

  • Makes deposits remotely where possible, at Byline Bank location if necessary

  • Pays bills through Byline Bank checking account where possible, by physical check where not

Budget and financial reporting to board 

  • Generates an annual budget with input from volunteers and Ecology center

  • Works with the EEA bookkeeper on monthly statements

      • Review categorization of income & expenses

      • Reviews and distributes monthly financial reports to board, optimally 3-4 business days in advance of the monthly meeting

      • Presents financials at board meetings, answers questions


  • Ensures the EEA has valid general liability and D/O insurance policies (works with insurance agents to find policies and pay bills on these expenses) 

  • Works with insurance agent to ensure EEA has relevant insurance certificates for in-person events (need further clarity on when EEA needs additional certification and when the city can/will cover it)


  • Submit event permit (and park permit if using the parks) applications (both under city website) to the City of Evanston if event is being held on City property (e.g. plant sale)

  • Handles financial aspects of EEA events: 

      • Clears up questions that arise from sales

      • Makes refunds as required

      • Works with GW treasurer on registered but not paid tickets

      • Works with GW treasurer to reconcile her accounting with Wild Apricot 

      • Reviews ROI on event finances and recommends changes for greater net revenue 

Donations (event, membership) 

  • Enters contact information from checks for donations and membership into the EEA's non-profit software, Wild Apricot.

  • Sends IRS approved donation receipts and thank you letters to any donations above $250 


  • Manages and monitors the EEA's use of its non-profit software, Wild Apricot    

Other organizations

  • Interface with SAGE

      • Send quarterly reports to SAGE 

      • Makes payments out of their account

  • Interface with NSCHP

Bank accounts/investments

  • EEA treasurer and president are the co-owners of all financial accounts

  • Recommend to the board whether EEA will take the annual distribution from the ECF funds and fill out required forms indicating decision. 

Tax and attorney general filings

  • Works with the EEA's bookkeeper and tax accountant to do federal and state tax filings, 

      • Federal is filled online with accountants but state must be mailed in separately. 

  • Annual renewal of registration with state


  • Answers emails sent to when forwarded by mailbox monitor

      • Resolves issues with payments, event/membership registration, etc. when not handled by mailbox monitor and/or membership manager

The Treasurer is an executive board position serving a two-year term (with the option for reelection).

The EEA is a non-profit organization founded in 1976, dedicated to supporting the programs of the Evanston Ecology Center and promoting environmental awareness. Click HERE to visit the EEA's website to learn more. 

To inquire about the Treasurer position, please complete an expression of interest form.

If you have any questions, email us at 

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