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EEA Seeking Secretary

The EEA is Currently Seeking Candidates for its Secretary position

You are passionate about the environment. You want to make a difference in Evanston. You have time and talent to lend to a non-profit organization. Sound like you? Then consider joining the Board of Directors of the Evanston Environmental Association.

The Evanston Environmental Association is an all-volunteer organization; we have no staff. Consequently, the EEA Board of Directors is a working board, and every member voluntarily takes on specific responsibilities to ensure the organization thrives. 

The Evanston Environmental Association board of directors is currently seeking a qualified candidate to fill its Secretary position. The Secretary, like all the EEA board member positions, is a volunteer position. The main focus of this position is to take minutes and keep the EEA organized and running smoothly.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Board meetings

    • Takes minutes at all board meetings (the board currently meets every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Evanston Ecology Center)
    • Keeps a spreadsheet with any decisions voted on during board meetings
    • Notes “action items” during board meetings based on items discussed
      • Communicates action items to board members following the meeting

      • Carries over any undone action items from last meeting

  2. Board organization and communication

    1. Helps filter email traffic coming into the email account

    2. Helps manage and maintain the shared EEA Google Drive

  3. As a member of the executive committee, signs legal documents such as the Not-for-Profit Annual Report as required by the state of Illinois and United States

The Secretary serves a two-year term (with the option for reelection). We are looking for a responsible, motivated individual with great organizational and communication skills to fill this position. Experience working with Google Drive and nonprofits is a plus. This job can take up to ten hours per month, with more hours centered around the board meetings.

The EEA is a non-profit organization founded in 1976, dedicated to supporting the programs of the Evanston Ecology Center and promoting environmental awareness. Click HERE to visit the EEA's website to learn more. 

To inquire about the Secretary position, please complete an expression of interest form.

If you have any questions, email us at 

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